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5 best AI generator Video for beginners (2024)

Updated: May 18

Best ai Video Generator 2024 synthesia vidnoz

Hello Folks,

Interested in the world of AI video creation?

These platforms are not just a trend—they're a gateway to endless possibilities in video production.

Whether you're looking for realistic AI avatars, creative video templates, or multilingual voice options, these tools have it all.

Ready to dive into the innovative world of AI-driven video content? Let's get started!

I have explored various options of AI Video geneators and picked out the 5 best to share my insights with you.

Here are the 5 top AI Video Generators for you to check out:

vidnoz ai video generator

Vidnoz is a website where you can make videos using AI. It's super easy and fast to use. Here's what you can do with Vidnoz:

  • AI Avatars: You get to choose from more than 300 lifelike AI characters for your videos.

  • Video Templates: There are over 300 ready-to-use video designs for free.

  • AI Voice: They use really good AI to copy voices so you can make your videos sound real.

  • Custom AI Avatar: You can make your own AI character from videos you have.

  • AI Tools: There are lots of cool tools like making photos talk, dance, turning text into video, making cartoons, removing backgrounds from photos, and changing voices.

  • Extra Stuff: They have tools for making professional headshots, Vidnoz Flex for recording, editing, and sharing videos, and more.

  • Types of Videos You Can Make: Great for making educational videos, training stuff, news, videos for selling things, marketing, talking to people, help guides, and FAQ videos.

  • Free Online Tools: They also give you tools for recording your screen, checking your sound, mic, and webcam, trimming videos, sending videos through email, and hosting videos.

Vidnoz is all about making video making simple, fast, and not expensive. It's great for anyone, whether you're just one person or a big company.

vidvoz ai video generator

Free Plan: Totally free. You get basic stuff like lots of AI avatars, voices, and video templates. Videos are okay quality (720P) and you can put up to 2,000 characters in each scene. You can make a few minutes of AI video every day.

Starter Plan: Costs $2 for each minute you make. You can make between 10 to 50 minutes of video every month. This plan lets you make longer videos (up to 5 minutes each), has better quality (1080P), more voice choices, and you can put your brand on share pages. Also, no Vidnoz watermark on your videos.

Business Plan: This one is $2.5 per minute. You get between 30 to 180 minutes of video time per month. It's like the Starter Plan but with even longer videos (up to 20 minutes each).

Enterprise Plan: This is for big companies and it's customized. You get a lot of special services like your own data center, a person to manage your account, and help from engineers.

Other details:

  • Payment: They take different credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

  • Security: They keep your data safe and private.

  • Refunds: If you choose a yearly plan, you can get your money back within 7 days if you're not happy, but there are some rules for this.

Each plan is made for different needs, from just trying it out to using it a lot in a big company. If you don't use all your video minutes in a month, you lose them. You can cancel your subscription any time you want.

synthesia ai generator video

Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that provides users with tools to create professional videos quickly and easily. The key features of Synthesia include:

  • AI Avatars: Over 140 diverse AI avatars to choose from for video creation.

  • AI Voices: Support for voiceovers in over 120 languages and accents.

  • Video Templates: More than 60 pre-designed templates are available to help users start their video projects.

  • Custom AI Avatars: Users have the option to create their own AI avatars, adding a personal touch to their videos.

  • Use Cases: Synthesia is suitable for various purposes like learning and development, sales enablement, information technology, marketing, and customer service. It's especially useful for teams creating training videos at scale.

  • Accessibility: The platform allows for the automatic generation of closed captions, making videos more accessible.

  • Easy Updates: Videos can be updated easily without the need for reshoots, saving time and effort.

  • Integrations: Synthesia offers integrations with various tools to streamline the video creation process.

  • Security and Ethics: The platform emphasizes secure, safe, and ethical use of AI, with compliance to SOC 2 and GDPR standards.

Synthesia is trusted by over 50,000 companies of all sizes and is designed to replace traditional text, PowerPoints, and PDFs with engaging videos.

pricing ai generator video

Synthesia offers various pricing plans for its AI video generation platform, designed to suit different needs and budgets:

Starter Plan:

Cost: $29 per month (or save 25% with yearly billing).


1 editor and 3 guests in the workspace.

10 minutes of video creation per month.

Access to 70+ AI avatars.

Key features like over 120 languages and voices, an AI script assistant, a built-in screen recorder, and more.

Creator Plan:

Cost: $89 per month (or save with yearly billing).


1 editor and 5 guests in the workspace.

30 minutes of video creation per month.

Access to 90+ AI avatars.

Everything in the Starter plan, plus custom fonts, audio downloads, branded share page, and more.

Enterprise Plan:

Cost: Custom pricing (details available on request).


Custom number of editors and guests.

Unlimited video creation.

Access to 140+ AI avatars.

All features of the Creator plan, plus additional collaboration tools, 1-click translations, priority support, and more.

Other details include:

  • Yearly Billing: Offers a 25% discount compared to monthly billing.

  • Content Moderation: Regular content moderation for all videos.

  • Support: Live chat support available, with priority support for Enterprise customers.

  • Integration and Accessibility: Features like AI script assistant, image/video uploads, screen recorder, customizable templates, media library, auto-generated closed captions, and more.

Synthesia's pricing plans cater to individual creators, small businesses, and large enterprises, offering flexibility and scalability to meet different video production needs. The platform is trusted by over 50,000 companies globally.

colossyan ai nsfw video generator

Colossyan is an AI video creation platform that focuses on workplace learning and training. Here are the key features and offerings of Colossyan:

  • AI Avatars: Choose from a diverse range of AI avatars to present in your videos.

  • Text to Video: Convert text into engaging video content, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Custom AI Avatars: Create your own custom avatars for a personalized touch in your videos.

  • Multiple Languages: The platform supports video creation in over 70 languages, making it versatile for global use.

  • Templates: Colossyan offers a variety of templates for different purposes like onboarding, sales training, company KPI reports, and more.

  • Localization: Easily translate videos into multiple languages with just a few clicks.

  • Integration with Existing Content: Turn PDFs and PowerPoints into interactive videos.

  • Subtitle and Caption Support: Enhance accessibility with subtitles and captions.

  • Scenario-Based Learning: Designed to facilitate scenario-based learning for more effective training.

Colossyan positions itself as a solution for organizations looking to upgrade their training and learning materials from traditional formats to more engaging, AI-powered video content.

The platform's emphasis is on easy content creation, localization, and integration with existing learning materials, making it a versatile tool for corporate training and communication.

pricing video ai generator

Colossyan offers different pricing plans for its AI video creation services, catering to individual creators, professionals, and enterprises:

Starter Plan:

Monthly Cost: $35 per month.

Annual Cost: $28 per month, billed yearly at $336.

Features: Includes 1 editor with unlimited viewers, 120 minutes of video creation per year (with a yearly plan), a custom voice option, an AI script assistant, and the ability to create whole videos with a single text prompt. There's no watermark and you get full video rights, plus 3 auto-translations monthly.

Monthly Cost: $120 per month.

Annual Cost: $96 per month, billed yearly at $1,152.

Features: Offers everything in the Starter plan plus 3 editors, 480 minutes of video creation per year (with a yearly plan), a custom lite avatar & voice, avatar conversation (limited to 15 videos/month), AI image generation, an icon library, 10 auto-translations monthly, and multiple export options like MP3, SRT, PDF.

Enterprise Plan:

Pricing: Custom pricing, with details available on request.

Features: This plan includes unlimited editors and minutes, custom studio avatar & voice, over 20 premium avatars, a customer success manager, unlimited avatar conversations, SCORM export, enhanced collaboration features, enterprise security with SAML/SSO, unlimited auto-translations, a brand kit, and 4k video resolution.

All plans provide access to a variety of AI tools like an AI script assistant, prompt-to-video, and AI image generator. The Pro and Enterprise plans also offer additional features such as SCORM export, collaboration tools, and enterprise-level security.

Colossyan's platform is particularly suited for creating scenario-based training videos and enhancing workplace learning with AI-driven video content. The pricing structure is designed to accommodate a range of users, from individual content creators to large companies needing extensive video generation capabilities.

hour one ai video generator

Hour One is an AI video generation platform that specializes in converting text to dynamic videos using AI technology. Key features and aspects of Hour One include:

  • AI Avatars: The platform offers a wide range of hyper-realistic AI avatars to feature in videos.

  • Text-to-Video Technology: Users can easily convert written text into engaging video content.

  • Voice Options: Hour One supports over 100 languages, voices, and accents for diverse and inclusive content creation.

  • Templates and Tools: Provides a variety of templates and tools for quick and effortless video creation.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for a range of purposes including Learning & Development, Marketing, Corporate Announcements, Human Resources, and more.

  • No Design or Editing Skills Needed: The platform is user-friendly, requiring no prior video editing or design skills to create professional videos.

  • AI Script Assistants: These assistants help in creating high-quality videos without the need for editing skills.

  • Customization: Offers features like instant translations, brand kit customization, collaboration tools, and API integration.

  • Accessibility and Security: Hour One emphasizes accessibility and security, with features like closed captions and compliance with standards like SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

  • Efficiency: The platform is designed to save time and cost in video production, making it a suitable choice for businesses looking to scale their video content creation.

Hour One positions itself as a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals who need to create high-quality, AI-generated videos quickly and efficiently, without the need for technical expertise in video production.

pricing ai video generator

Hour One offers several pricing plans for their AI video generation services, suitable for different levels of usage:

Free Plan:

Cost: Free.

Includes: 3 minutes of video creation each month, video sharing via link, and access to all characters.

Lite Plan:

Monthly Cost: $30.

Includes: 10 minutes of video creation each month (120 minutes upfront if billed yearly), no watermark, download option, and access to all characters and languages.

Business Plan:

Monthly Cost: $95.

Includes: 20, 30, or 40 minutes of video creation each month (240, 360, or 480 minutes upfront if billed yearly).

Custom brand kit and logo, access to 5 users, customer support, improved rendering, 3D & premium templates.

All features of the Lite plan.

Enterprise Plan:

Cost: Custom pricing.

Includes: Unlimited minutes of video creation.

Custom templates and characters, full brand customization, user access management, a customer success manager, priority rendering queue, workspace collaboration.

All features of the Business plan.

Other details:

Annual Subscription: Offers a discount compared to monthly billing, with all minutes available upfront.

Features Across Plans: All plans include access to Hour One's AI video generator, different levels of customization, various template options, and different levels of customer support.

Hour One's pricing is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individuals and small teams to large organizations. The platform allows for the creation of professional videos using AI technology without requiring design or editing skills, making it suitable for various business and personal use cases.

d-id generator ai video

D-ID is an AI video creation platform that focuses on transforming interactions between humans and technology using their Natural User Interface (NUI). Key features and offerings of D-ID include:

  • AI Agents: Create conversational AI agents that are lifelike and knowledgeable about your products, services, and brand.

  • Creative Reality™ Studio: Transform images into speaking AI video avatars using generative AI technology.

  • API for Developers: Integrate D-ID's AI-powered NUI into applications for more human-like technology interactions.

  • Chat.D-ID: Have natural, face-to-face conversations with AI models or chatbots.

  • Mobile App: Access D-ID's features on-the-go with their mobile application.

  • Natural User Interface (NUI): A user interface that allows for face-to-face conversations with digital entities, making interactions more human-like.

  • Use Cases: D-ID's technology is ideal for enhancing customer experience, sales and marketing, and learning and development initiatives.

  • Ethics and Privacy: D-ID emphasizes ethical use of their technology, with a strong focus on privacy and responsible AI practices.

D-ID is positioned as a leader in the evolution of user interfaces, offering a unique approach to AI video creation that emphasizes natural and human-like interactions. Their products are designed for a wide range of applications, from customer service to educational content, making them a versatile choice for businesses looking to integrate AI into their digital strategies.

ai video generator pricing

D-ID offers a range of pricing plans for its API services, tailored to various levels of usage and needs:

Trial Plan:

Cost: Free.

Credits: 20 credits.

Video Creation: 5 minutes of video or 10 minutes of streaming video.

Features: Personal use license, full-screen watermark, limited support, standard and premium presenters, expression and voice style control, unlimited uploads, and live streaming.

Build Plan:

Monthly Cost: $18 (or $14.4 per month when billed annually).

Credits: 64 credits.

Video Creation: 16 minutes of video or 32 minutes of streaming video.

Features: Personal use license, small D-ID watermark in the corner, silver support, standard presenters, various controls, unlimited uploads, live streaming, own S3 storage, subtitles, and premium voices.

Launch Plan:

Monthly Costs: $50 (45 min of video), $99 (90 min of video), or $149 (135 min of video).

Annual discounts available (30% off).

Credits: 180, 360, or 540 credits.

Features: Commercial use license, small AI watermark in the corner, gold support, standard and premium presenters, various controls, unlimited uploads, live streaming, own S3 storage, subtitles, and premium voices.

Scale Plan:

Monthly Costs: $198 (200 min of video), $248 (250 min of video), or $297 (300 min of video).

Annual discounts available (30% off).

Credits: 800, 1000, or 1200 credits.

Features: Commercial use license, custom watermark, premium support, standard and premium presenters, various controls, unlimited uploads, live streaming, own S3 storage, subtitles, and premium voices.

Enterprise Plan:

Cost: Custom pricing.

Features: Customized video minutes, commercial use license, custom watermark, enterprise SLA, standard and premium presenters, voice cloning, and other premium features.

Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs, from individuals experimenting with AI video creation to businesses requiring large-scale video production. The API pricing structure focuses on providing flexibility and scalability, allowing users to choose a plan that best fits their specific requirements.

Comparative Overview

best ai video generator comparative

Conclusion: In my experience, I've been really liking the Vidnoz and Synthesia.

These two are the ones that I most use for generating AI Videos.

Are you enjoying this universe of AI video generators?

Guys, these AI video generators don't have NSFW AI content, but if you're interested in tools in this context, feel free to explore our Blog.

If you like AI NSFW content, we also have a list of NSFW AI Tools.

These are fun to use and show another side of AI creativity.

Check out our next article for more easy-to-understand AI topics.

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Cheers! 🥂

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