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How to make Money with AI (Artificial Intelligence): 3 easy ways to do it right now

Updated: 2 days ago

How to make money with AI Artificial Intelligence
This image was created in 6.5 seconds using Artificial Intelligence.

Hello, my friend!

As I already wrote, Artificial Intelligence is disrupting several sectors right now.

This is terrible news for some people as it endangers millions of jobs.

However, it also creates many new opportunities for people to make money! 💰

Today I'm covering 3 ways to make money with AI right now, even if you are NOT a specialist in Artificial Intelligence.

These are my 3 best strategies that you can use right now to make money with AI:

If you want to save some time, go ahead and navigate through the underlined topics above.

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Now, let's go deep into each one of those strategies!

Make money using AI to improve your traditional job or business.

You can use Artificial Intelligence tools to increase your productivity powerfully right now.

Despite of whether you are an Artist or Not!

Let's break it down and see some examples:

If you are NOT an Artist ‍🎨

If, like me, you never drew anything in your life:

Guess what?

Now you can become an artist in seconds!

I'm serious!

If you give me a pen or photoshop, I'd probably, at best, draw something like this:

AI generated Image

However, by using AI image generators, I effortlessly manage to bring into existence the following images in seconds:

Artificial Intelligence AI Artist
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Nice improvement, uh?

"Oh James, but you didn't create it!"

Didn't I?

I agree that I used a powerful tool called Artificial Intelligence.

But nonetheless, I'm indeed the person who brought those images into existence.

Anyway, let's skip the philosophical and etymological debate and let's go to a more practical application:

This AI Image generator can be helpful, for example, in your presentations.

Can you imagine your presentations with masterpieces made by yourself in seconds?

And, with this technology, you can also avoid losing money!

For example, you may lose much money with Copyright Violations using a random image from Google in your job/project.

In another hand:

No 6-year-old kid will sue me for using his drawing in this article.

Do you know why?

Well, because even that image I generated by myself using an AI image generator.

In many cases, it's faster, easier and better to use AI image generators than looking for Creative Commons at Google Images.

This alone is a game changer in many jobs.

Imagine now how it will impact jobs directly related to image creation!

The same strategy can be applied to AI Video generators and other AI tools.

If you are already an Artist ‍🎨

Now, if you are already an artist, I need to tell you 2 things:

First: Don't hate Artificial Intelligence.

And secondly, but most important:

Don't Ignore Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is indeed disrupting the art sector right now.

And many people will lose their job in the next few months.

But this DOES NOT mean that every artist will become obsolete.

What it actually means is that some traditional skills will become obsolete.


Artists that embrace AI tools will have a huge advantage versus the ones that ignore it.

You can (and should!) use AI tools to improve your work as an artist!

And there are a lot of possibilities for this.

For example:

You may create dozens of similar images in just seconds.

This can be very useful in clarifying with clients what they really want to be created, like styles and details.

This way, you do not need to spend hours creating an image that the client will ask for many changes.

You can precisely align expectations using lot of drafts effortless created in seconds!

This way, you will save many hours of unnecessary rework.

You may also generate several drafts and use them as inspiration for your "manual" draw.

Or you can also generate AI images in a specific style and use them to study how you can improve your skills in that particular style.

Want to improve your Van Gogh style in contemporary objects?

Try using IA to draw images of an iPhone using this style and study them.

van gogh iphone AI generated Image

There are a lot of other possibilities to improve your Artist skills using AI tools.

I'll be detailing this subject in the future, so subscribe for FREE to keep yourself updated.

Making money using AI directly

There are several examples of how you can make money using AI, not related to your current job or business.

Creating and Selling Images using Artificial Intelligence

As I wrote in my first article, a person won first place at Colorado State Fair with an AI generated Image.

He basically just asked the AI to draw and voilá:

This is the clearest example of someone making money using an image from Artificial Intelligence.

There are several other ways to make money using AI Generated images, for example:

And the best part of any of these examples:

You DO NOT need to be a "traditional Art specialist" neither a "AI Specialist" for any of this strategies.

All you need to do is try some AI image generators and discover which strategies fit you best.

Check for the best tools on generate AI images.

Most of them are completely free or have at least a very useful free trial.

You'll need to learn how to improve your "prompt technique".

"Prompt" means the "text that you write" when asking the AI to draw.

For example:

When creating my art called "The Desert Whale", in the beginning I was trying using as prompt:

whale at desert

But In the end, my final prompt was:

whale at desert, night, galaxy at sky, realist, digital Art, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation, 8 k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light, chiaroscuro, award - winning photograph, masterpiece, oil on canvas, raphael, caravaggio, greg rutkowski, beeple, beksinski, giger

I started by creating things like this:

And I ended up creating this:

Improving your Prompt techniques will result in better images generated by the AI.

Consider subscribing for FREE and I'll let you know when I write more about prompt techniques and tools that you improve your results on generating AI images.

Creating Videos using Artificial Intelligence

Like using AI generated Images to make money, you can also make money using AI generated Videos.

For example, you may use Synthesia to:

  • create courses and tutorials;

  • create an avatar for a youtube channel where you do not want to expose yourself;

  • Shorts, Reels, Tik Tok etc.

This kind of AI video technology is evolving at a very fast pace.

In a not distant future, entire movies will be made by AI, with better quality and cheaper than traditional movies.

Hollywood will eventually become HollyAI.

Investing in companies, stocks, startups and crypto projects related to Artificial Intelligence

Finally, the last way to make money during this Artificial Intelligence revolution:

Investing in people that are already making money with AI!

Artificial Intelligence is already being used in many sectors, and most companies will use it in the near future.

But there are specific players directly correlated to this AI Revolution.

Be careful: It's not a good idea to invest in a company just because it's related to AI.

You must also understand other things, like their strategy and execution, to decide if it's a good investment opportunity or not.


It's a great evidence that this companies can achive great financial results during this AI revolution!

Let's breakdown into the main segments that you need to pay attention to:

Big techs that are working on Artificial Intelligence

Companies like Google/Alphabet (GOOGL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon (AMZN) Facebook/Meta (META) have several projects on Artificial Intelligence.

Can you imagine their potential on bring AI to their many products and services, already used by billions of people?

Chip Stocks: The fuel for running Artificial Intelligence

In history, whenever a country had an explosive increase in the number of cars they also had a similar explosive increase in companies that sell their fuel.

By analogy, chips are the fuel for this AI revolution that is happening.

For example:

When you use an AI Image generator website on your smartphone, the image is actually being created on powerful computers.

And those computers have tons of Chips.

That's why you must pay attention to Chip stocks like Nvidia (NVDA), Intel (INTC).

Crypto Projects related to Artificial Intelligence

First, let me say that I'm a crypto enthusiast.

Despite all the "hype", cryptography is a phenomenal tool developed by humankind.

Even if Bitcoin or other major project fails, there is no turning back on crypto.

NFT, crypto tokens, CBDCs and other crypto innovations all came to stay, no matter if you like or not.

All that being said, I'd like to make it clear that I don't know much about the following crypto projects.

These are the big crypto projects related to AI that I found in a quick search, so remember to DYOR!

You may invest in these projects through crypto exchanges like Binance and Kraken.


On its website, SingularityNET claims to be the first decentralized AI network.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean protocol is an open-source crypto protocol that aims to allow businesses and individuals to exchange and monetize data and data-based services.

(And as we know, data is an essential component of AI.)


This is a very new project.

Bittensor is an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based machine-learning network.


This is it, my friend! These were my strategies for making money in this AI revolution right now.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions or suggestions.

You can leave a comment below or write me an e-mail at

Also, I will be posting more details about each of these strategies in the future.

Subscribe for FREE and I'll keep you updated on more topics like this.

Cheers! 🥂

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